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Romance is a nebulous thing with the curious property of being describable but not definable. I won't muck with your head and try to suggest there's an ultimate definitive definition out there. Some people will try to do just that and come up with some tidy little definition, like, "Romance is showing you care." Sure, it sounds good at first, but although draping your coat over a puddle and asking if she remembered to brush her teeth that morning may be actions triggered by this same motivation, they rate distinctly differently on the romance scale. Although it's not so much a definition, as it is no more precise than the word "romance" itself, one way to describe romance succinctly is "what women want out of a relationship." In other words, men aren't romantic and if you're a man, that's why you need this guide. Although a moment of romance can be created for the effect of special attention, how wondrous would it be if that moment never ended? When romance between two lovers has gone from being "a created moment" (intrinsic) to being a "lifestyle" (innately selfless), the relationship has transformed into the stuff that dreams are made of. If you're a woman, of course, you were born with an innate capacity to be utterly selfless.

You already know why this reading will serve you better if he's reading with you. I would suggest that you don't need to read any further, but the truth is, there's something in this for you too. A lot of woman are familiar with the intrinsic efforts of romance. Let's explore the concept of being "innately selfish" as it relates to creating a lifestyle of romance. Although romance (itself) may not be definable, there are still some hard fast rules and character-changing truths that can help you in your search for a romantic man. He's capacity to bring romance into your relation will fall within one of three categories. The romance in him will either be with effort (Intrinsic), without effort (Innate) or neither of them.

It's my personal belief that a woman who desires romance, deserves romance. Let's dive in. 

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