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Festival Of The Blessed (The Apprentice Of Anubis #8)

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As one of the select few Blessed by the gods, Ani has to do the worst thing she can possibly think of...socialise.

Having only just come to terms with her status as Anubis Blessed, the last thing Ani wants is to be thrust into the spotlight, but with the Festival Of The Blessed starting throughout London, there's no way she can avoid it.

Despite being in the middle of a mummification, Ani has duties outside the temple to attend to, but with Matia and Nik by her side, she is determined to make her temple proud.


Festival Of The Blessed is book 8 in the Apprentice Of Anubis, an urban fantasy series based on Egyptian mythology and featuring an established couple, a jackal familiar, and the duties of an embalmer.

If you love Egyptian mythology, alternative versions of the modern day, temple politics, slow burn workplace romance, and a world where the gods are real, then start the Apprentice Of Anubis series today with Apprentice Of The Dead.

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