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FAIR PROCESS - Instructional videos

Project, frontline- or middle manager? Get employees to buy in to your decisions!

This course (16 videos/70 min) is tailored for all you project, middle and front-line managers struggling with getting employees to buy in to an important change effort 

About me: I am Bo Vestergaard. Author of ”Fair process – From Unpopular Changes to Employees Crafting Solutions” and the award-winning paper “Leading unpopular Changes With Fair Process”. In 2012 it was named “Best paper” in the Management Consulting category and among the top ten percent best papers at the prestigious North American "Academy of Management" Conference for scholars and management consultants.  I am also the author of the short Harvard Business Review article “Managing an Unpopular Change Effort”  .
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The course
You get instant access to download of the 16 videos. 

VIDEO 1: How to foretell that the change initiative will succeed in your department (2.43 min)

VIDEO 2: The "green" dynamics and practical principles of a fair process. Intro to the 3 practical principles of fair process and the impact on employees´ attitudes and actions (11.37 min)

VIDEO 3 "Red dynamics: " The fatal pitfall - the devastating "red" dynamics of an unfair process
Find out just how easy it is to unleash the devastating dynamics of an unfair process (5.37 min)

VIDEO 4:   Oops! I unleashed an unfair process. How to restart a fair process?
(Harvard Business review case)  (6.50 min)
  • How a leader unknowingly unleashed an unfair process dynamics;
  • How she stopped the "red" dynamics of an unfair process;
  • How she created a fair process dynamics;
  • The results for the organisation and the culture in the department. I have written about this case in Harvard Business Review: "Managing an Unpopular Change Effort"
VIDEO 5: How do you involve without losing control – or killing engagement? (9.46 min)

VIDEO 6: Set direction and boundaries of the change ( 3.30 min)

VIDEO 7: Why nobody understands you and what to do about it!  (6.34 min)

VIDEO 8: "Engage" double-clicked:  3 decision-making models and degrees of employee autonomy (5.53 min)

VIDEO 9: Combining decision-making models: Example 1(2.23 min)

VIDEO 10: Combining decision-making models: Example 2 (3.50 min)

VIDEO 11: Fair process in 5 phases. Why this design?  Why 8-12 weeks? (4.58 min)

VIDEO 12: Phase 1: Set direction and boundaries (1.51 min)

VIDEO 13: Phase 2. Engage in crafting a prototype: Smarter together? Insigths from Collective Intelligence research and practical tools to make a group smarter (6.05 min)

VIDEO 14: Phase 3: Decide and explain your rationale for selecting and deselecting ideas (1.34 min)

VIDEO 15: Phase 4: Engage in testing solutions. The debreif method and the progress principle. The most important 15 minutes of leadership: 20-25 percent increase in learning and performance (5.27 min)

VIDEO 16: Phase 5: Implement or reject? How to roll out the successful solution in other units without violating the fair process principles? (3.36 min)

You will get the following files:

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