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Debranding - EFL Lesson (C2 level) - Teacher Notes and Worksheet

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These are the premium resources for the Englishin3d lesson DEBRANDING (C2 level).

The download contains:
  • Brief teaching notes with answer key (2 pages)
  • Worksheet 2g - exercises based around C2-level vocabulary from the video (2 pages)
  • Worksheet 2g - an alternative version using C1-level vocabulary from the video (2 pages).
The rest of the resources for this lesson are freely available online at

Level: C2.

Length: 60-80 minutes.

Aims: To activate learners' listening and speaking skills through activities and tasks based on a short explainer video about the corporate trend of debranding. To teach selected vocabulary from the video and get students to use this vocabulary to describe social and cultural trends.

Target language: Vocabulary from the video, mostly relating to social and cultural trends and changes.

Suitability: Optimised for Business or General English face-to-face group classes. With minimal amendments, this resource is also suitable for one-to-ones and online classes.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (139KB)
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  • PDF (92KB)
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