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Sonata for Cello and Piano score and part

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My Sonata for Cello and Piano was commissioned by cellist Darryl Dolezal through a grant by the University of Missouri Research Board. This work was composed in 1997 and revised in 2008 The Sonata is in three movements and is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend Dr. John Andrew (Jack) Frey.
The first movement marked “Tempo Rubato” is rhapsodic in nature. After a bold presentation of the first theme and soon after the lyrical second theme, the work contrasts between the two, the first being in a stricter tempo and the second played more freely with rubato.  The work unfolds like an improvisation continually developing the thematic material.
The second movement is a theme with six variations. The thematic material is bold and very rhythmic.  The music of the variations pivots in mood from very aggressive musical statements to fun and playful to a more intimate ethereal atmosphere.  Each variation is an attempt to vary and contrast the theme through a kaleidoscope of changing of textures, timbres, registers, rhythmic intensities and instrumental color.
The third movement is homage to my friend John Andrew Frey. Unlike the previous two movements the mood is more intimate and the music is lyrical through out. Beginning with a cadenza for the cello the musical material slowly unwinds.  At the first high point emotionally in the piece the musical name of my friend is stated on the pitches BADEFE.  With each repetition of his music theme, it is if I am calling out to him hoping for some kind of answer.  The final statement of theme in the highest register of the cello is breaks through and heard by him and the piece ends in a calm resolution of his answer
” I am here and I am fine”
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