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Searching for International Business Opportunities Under the New World Order

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine have changed the world.

How these changes will affect small and medium-sized B2B information technology companies' opportunities for international expansion and global growth is hard to predict.

There are markets where you will avoid investing in the short term because it's ethically troublesome and too risky.

On the positive side especially, the pandemic has pushed the threshold for what you can sell to customers without meeting them face-to-face. Provided you have a competitive offering. This opportunity also applies to cross-border activities. In more and more situations, you can sell your software or solutions to customers in other countries without having a local business infrastructure.

The whitepaper reviews the various go-to-market approaches and urges the reader to carefully consider the virtual and remote options that reduce the investment requirements and the risk considerably.

When this approach is not possible, then the whitepaper recommends a way to identify and prioritise the markets where you should invest in local infrastructure.

The whitepaper also estimates the relative demand capacity for B2B information technology and related services worldwide. This estimation is called "The BECH Index."

I have moved the UK out of the EU for the whitepaper. For comparison reasons, this has been done for all years.

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