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Are you having crisis financial difficulties or messy circumstances like 

housing problems, 

divorce challenges, 

job loss, 

re-entry after incarceration, 

heavy health expenses, 

unplanned pregnancy, 

aging-out foster teens or solo seniors, 

or experiencing another period of financial stress?

Empty pockets?

Inconsistent work hours? 

Unmanageable debt?

There are various financial training programs with general support but actually few resources to help you gain financial literacy and new money skills in a practical way. With re-gaining independence as a goal, Powered Up! Finances trains money skills right where you are as a bridge to stabilize your situation. We don’t guide with budgeting without understanding earlier habits, and we don’t train on credit use until proper money mindset is in line. 

Often academic programs leave people feeling inadequate to meet the demands of chapter-by-chapter learning, and interest quickly wanes. You need real transformation, not more information.

Digital Learning

With this program, you will develop more solid skills, more quickly than typical curriculum. With on-demand, step-by-step modules, learners can jump in to immediately address their current situation. The interactive program uses all forms of social eLearning to address this from video to checklists, to mini-lessons and quizzes.

Partnering in Groups

Whether learning solo, or with a mentor or care partner, our online community group offers a place to discuss issues, find resources, ask for help and find friends. Social learning creates a knowledge-sharing environment that is simple, friendly and more usable than traditional programs.

Advocating Life Skills

Ardent Skills works with individuals and families to balance financial skills for a stronger foundation for all ages from adults to teens. We also partner with community groups, social organizations, non-profits, churches and ministries to advocate life skills readiness, independence and longer-term success.


You will get a PDF (14MB) file

21 Day Budget Starter Kit


Ultimate Toolkit for Money Tracking


Reset Your Money Mindset


Monthly Business Budget