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Why is Entrepreneurship so Important?

*even without a business there are so many benefits of entrepreneurship, like critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, and leadership…learn the value of money and the value of working

*a 76-page activity workbook and step-by-step action plan to getting your business off the ground from beginning to money

There are various entrepreneurial training programs with general support but actually few resources to help you gain business literacy and new leadership skills in a practical way. Often academic programs leave people feeling inadequate to meet the demands of chapter-by-chapter learning, and interest quickly wanes. You need real transformation, not more information.

What is it?

  • digital download tutorial and toolbox with content, activities and resources to promote action on setting up a small business
  • curriculum built in modules for engaging creativity
  • over 60 worksheets, quick-start sheets, and activities
  • DIY self-teaching materials with hands-on activities, instructions, and tips
  • Created by real world entrepreneurs, consultants and mentors to inspire kids with tools and knowledge to get a business started and running

Who is it for?

  • specifically designed and adaptable for students of all ages and any next-generation entrepreneur
  • ready with a business concept, already started a business or wants to explore what business to start with an action plan and how-to map
  • great for independent study, small groups or homeschool
  • activity sheets to help support any enrichment program with less curriculum and more real world business building
  • for beginners with a business idea, or those who want to explore entrepreneurship

How is it used?

  • step-by-step techniques on how to start a business
  • practical exercises that take you from idea to action
  • self-paced exercises and interactive support documents
  • delivered electronically so you can get live links and can work right on your computer or tablet
  • printer-friendly pages ready for you

Digital Learning
With this program, you will develop more solid skills, more quickly than typical curriculum. With on-demand, step-by-step modules, learners can jump in to immediately address their current situation. The interactive program uses all forms of social eLearning to address this from video to checklists, to mini-lessons and quizzes.

You will get a PDF (21MB) file

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Business Plan Outline Guide – Simple but Smart


Vendor Table Checklist


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