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Double Your Hair Growth in 30 days!

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Double your hair growth "rate" in 30-40 days, by following this Hair Growth Plan!!!
No HYPE! This regimen delivers great results!

How does this regimen double your hair growth?
It doubles your slow hair growth rate. If you normally grow 1/4 of an inch per month, you will grow 1/2 an inch per month on this regimen. If you normally grow .50 an inch per month, you will gain an inch per month on this regimen. I've had many women triple their hair growth rate!

For over 5 years I have helped thousand of women grow long hair, via my online 30 day challenge class. 

Now I have created an ebook, which includes, my popular online 30 day hair growth challenge.  Now you can follow this secret hair growth challenge on your own. Follow the challenge steps and you will see a hair growth transformation. 

This book covers:
  • My secret scalp stimulation technique, using thermal moist heat
  • My secret shampoo hydration method
  • The best products to seal in moisture
  • The top 3 things that increase your  hair length
  • How to prevent or stop breakage
  • The best shampoo for your hair
  • How to get over the slow growth hump!

Previous 30 day hair growth challenge participants. 97% doubled their hair growth!
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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