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Classic Books for Ages 3-7

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After family religious practices, reading aloud may be the number one thing an adult can do to help children have a well-furnished mind and heart. This list is a starting point for parents who want to make sure their little ones encounter some of the most important children’s literary and language traditions in our culture.

There are many, many lists of books, and they can be overwhelming. The goal here was to go through all the lists so you don’t have to, and to select items based on literary and illustration quality. Some will be familiar to readers, but many are out of print and lesser-known today, although they will be available in any good library or through interlibrary loan.

This list is 15 pages long and contains more than 200 book recommendations, including resources for parents. All proceeds benefit a local private library to ensure books like this are not lost to history. Thank you for keeping good books alive for your own children and others.
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