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Scintillae Mantra Practice / Funken Mantra-Praxis (2023 Edition)

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This PDF is multilingual, where the German original text has been presented alongside the Standard-translation© in English, so that any one being sufficiently conversant in German is able to ascertain the correctness of the translation and also benefit (as hinted by the Author) from the exposure to the German language the book has originally been written in. Also the emphases (in bold text) on words/phrases used in original German is reflected in this new edition (emphases match the original writings). Any remarks or amendments are invited at

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BÔ YIN RÂ (Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken) was a German writer, poet and painter (1876-1943). He lived in Germany (Frankfurt, Görlitz, Berlin, Munich, Königsberg), Austria (Vienna), France (Paris), and Switzerland (Horgen, Massagno).

Bô Yin Râ expressed his insights into the metaphysical structures of the eternal spiritual reality through art and writings. His spiritual written teaching Hortus Conclusus is compiled into a series of 32 books. Hortus Conclusus as a whole, consists of books as well as spiritual paintings. – THE BÔ YIN RÂ FOUNDATION (to learn more about Bô Yin Râ, his life and work, visit


One of the most significant ways of forming the soul is through the influence of certain sequences of sounds in the human language. Most ancient is the knowledge of such possible influence which can be easily traced in the liturgies and the more popular ways of praying found in all of mankind’s great religious systems. For a long time translating these mantra into other languages seemed to me impossible until I had to admit that the translation into Italian was successful. Therefore I do not dare doubt any longer that these ‘scintilla’ can also ‘scatter sparks’ in other languages if they are translated with the correct form of words. – SCINTILLAE MANTRA PRACTICE

My books, wherever they appear, turn resigned and tortured souls into happy men and women.  – ON MY BEHALF

What I have to say is beyond belief and disbelief! I'm not a prophet who needs "confessors" – nor a fighter, who is looking for "followers" behind him, but only a mediator of spiritual insights about the real home of mankind. My writings shouldn't be "believed" but taken up objectively, to awaken innermost experience. – ABOUT MY WRITINGS

Countless people – and in truth not just those whose souls are the most frigid – continually await an immense experience to shake their innermost depths. Since all their longing is incapable of summoning up this experience, they rush restlessly searching from experience to experience, caught up in the delusion that the hoped for experience is bound to be attained, if they could only locate the powerful phenomenon capable of overpowering their souls with its immensity.         – SHOWING THE WAY

A yearning is passing through the world, – a consuming desire, – and every soul not yet completely hardened and incapable of awakening feels gripped by it. (...) One ‘may’ once again believe in things which cannot been proven by 'experiments’, and one is no longer mocked for recognising that we are surrounded and influenced by the invisible, even if we cannot solve its mystery… The ‘miraculous’ would again become reality; the realm of faith extends its borders. – THE BOOK ON THE LIVING GOD

The proper design of pages, emphases placed on particular words, use of spaces, long hyphens, exclamation marks etc. — included in this English translation enables ‘heart-Readers’ to meditate, to breathe-in while willingly absorbing the text as a ‘spiritual sustenance’. – Sarah Havah Theebaum, historian of ideas, painter, poet.

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