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Build Super Savings - Getting To Wealthy Series

This book was first published on Amazon USA and Amazon UK in 2013. The paperback is available on Amazon with this download you get three copies of the book: a PDF, kindle version, iBooks version.


This book makes managing money fun! 

By the time you’ve been through the book you will understand your money situation a lot better: you will know where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to go. The best bit is that some of those money-saving tips and tricks can be started immediately. 

Now, have you ever wondered what the average millionaire looks like? Globally there are thousands of people who started off with nothing except perhaps a good education and sometimes not even that and they have ended up with a net worth in excess of a million dollars. Heather always planned to be one of those people and in the seven and a half years since she graduated has taken a massive stride towards that goal using the tips in this very book. 

This book is about taking control of your finances. If you want to live a debt-free life with plenty of cash to throw at your desires all you need to do is set yourself some money rules as outlined in this book. 

Former investment banker Heather Katsonga-Woodward is an author and entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2005. She lives in Birmingham UK with her family.

Print Length: 170 pages
Publisher: Zumex Press (21 Feb. 2013)


Ch. 1: Lumpy Expenditures
Ch. 2: Statement Of Expenditure
Ch. 3: How Much Do You Earn?
Ch. 4: To Whom Do You Owe Money?
Ch. 5: My Views On Money: Spending And Saving
Ch. 6: Financial Goals
Ch. 7: Time And Money
Ch. 8: What Are You Saving For?
Ch. 9: How Do You Visualize Life In Your 60s?
Ch. 10: How To Shop For A House
Ch. 11: Buy Even If No One Else Is Buying
Ch. 12: Mortgage — Be A “Rate Tart”
Ch. 13: How Does Credit Rating Work?
Ch. 14: Stuff That Hurts Your Credit Ratings
Ch. 15: Rent Wisely
Ch. 16: Energy (Fuel/Gas/Electricity)
Ch. 17: Water
Ch. 18: Mobile & Home Phones
Ch. 19: Friends
Ch. 20: Partners
Ch. 21: Supermarket Brand Loyalty
Ch. 22: Designer Labels
Ch. 23: Bulk Buy
Ch. 24: Borrow
Ch. 25: Booze At Home
Ch. 26: Don’t Fall Into Unauthorized Overdraft
Ch. 27: Consider Getting 3 Bank Accounts
Ch. 28: Tithing And Charity
Ch. 29: Check Your Bank Accounts Weekly
Ch. 30: Alternative Ways Of Getting To Work
Ch. 31: Plan Entertainment
Ch. 32: Holiday!
Ch. 33: Trade Down Your Car
Ch. 34: Gadget Addiction And Resisting The Temptation To Buy
Ch. 35: Every Girl Has Her Addiction
Ch. 36: Freeze Your Credit Card
Ch. 37: Live Like A Student For As Long As Possible
Ch. 38: Put Money Where It’s Hard To Find
Ch. 39: The Money Saving Mega List
Ch. 40: Adopt The Annualize Rule
Ch. 41: The Day Job
Ch. 42: Sell The Stuff You Don’t Use
Ch. 43: Monetize Your Other Skills
Ch. 44: Are You Actually Making More Money?...
Ch. 45: Take A Course, Get A Coach
Ch. 46: Debtittude
Ch. 47: Differentiate Good Debt From Bad
Ch. 48: Debt Balance
Ch. 49: Should You Consolidate Your Debts?
Ch. 50: Final Assessment
Ch. 51: Clean Your House, Clear Your Debts
Ch. 52: Treats
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