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Junior Hockey Training

What If You Had The Step-By-Step Plan That Would Change How You Trained As A Hockey Player And Virtually Guaranteed You To Become The Fastest, Strongest; Most Injury-Free Player On The Ice???

Plus The Most Important Program You'll Ever Need As A Player?

This Is Your Chance To Own The Best Program For Junior Players On The Market

Now Available For Only $49.

Why Is This The Most Important Program For Junior Hockey Players?

Two reasons to be honest...

1. The Complete Absence Of A Program Made Specifically For Junior Players

2. The Glaring Need For Junior Players To Be Following Sound Advice

Have you ever been cut from a team because you were too fast or too strong?  

Didn't think so.  

If you're looking to take your hockey career to another level, possibly play major junior, get a scholarship, or looking for that pro contract, the best way to do that is to get stronger, faster, more agile, and add more stamina to your frame.

 I've witnessed too many players spinning their wheels with bodybuilding programs that don't transfer over well enough to the ice. 

You're not a bodybuilder so why should you train like one?

You're a hockey player, that needs help and good training advice!

So let me help you train like a hockey player, with exercises and workouts that will transfer over to the ice, making you raise the eyebrows of the coaches and scouts, making them wonder what happened to you and where you came from!

 Just imagine yourself skating on the ice come tryouts DOMINATING the players that are trying to take YOUR spot. 

You won't be that average player anymore because you've put in the work to prepare yourself. 

You've made the smart decision to use a program that works, while your competition decided to train like a bodybuilder or not train at all.

 Don't be that guy that's all show and NO GO!

Training Programs Used For Junior Level Players Are Old-School, Improper and LIKELY To Cause Injuries

 Loading up bars and trying to Squat, Clean and Bench as much as they can.

Putting little to no thought or effort into Warming Up.

 Mistakenly using "Speed Training" as nothing more than a Bag-Skate Type Vomit-Filled Conditioning.

But you're not the one to blame...

The fitness industry is!

Coaches and Trainers are the ones who don't know what's best.


They just go along with whatever new and recent fad they've witnessed.

 Remember, Coaches Want Players That Will Help Them Win Games!


 - Periodized Weight Lifting Program To Get You Stronger

 - Acceleration Routines Built Into Each Workout To Make Sure You're Explosive

 - Hockey Specific Exercises to Build Power and Endurance

 - Mobility Routines To Help You Recover and Prevent Injuries

Everything you're about to learn in this manual is what college, and junior players are already doing to ensure they're consistently the best players on the ice!

Sure, you could pick up a program off the internet that a bodybuilder uses to get big, or a program a sprinter might use to get faster, or even a program that a gymnast uses to become more stable.  

But do you think the best players in the game train like a bodybuilder, a sprinter, or a gymnast?


They train like hockey players!


 What Can "Junior Hockey Training" Improve in Your Game?

-   Conditioning and Endurance

-   Strength and Power

-   Speed and Quickness

-   Flexibility

You could also train on your own, gain 10lbs of muscle and still be weak on the ice.  

You could do all sorts of running to improve your stamina and still be running out of gas late in the game.  

You could also focus on building strength in your legs and still be one of the slower players on the ice.  

You could also be as consistent as possible in the gym and be injured a few weeks into the season.  

But you're smarter than that and you want to make sure that you're training like an elite level hockey player does.

Don't feel bad about this because it's not your fault.  

You were more than likely working your butt off in the gym and on the surface it even looked like you were doing the right things.  

I can even bet everyone was telling you that you were doing all the right things.  

How were you to know that you were doing things wrong?

If there were a pill to transform your play, I probably would have heard of it by now.  

But there isn't one.

Junior Hockey Training is the Next Best Thing!!

Now For ONLY $49.99

Pick up your copy now, so you never regret missing a big opportunity to improve your game!

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CAD 49.99

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