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Diana LLWC - Exploring Entire Coffee shop with Audience Interaction - chapter 05

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Diana LLWC - Exploring Entire Cafeteria with Audience Interaction - chapter 05


Diana, with her beautiful leg in a cast, had the brilliant idea to go and explore an entire classic Brazilian coffee shop.
He arrives by car, uses his crutches to cross the street, sits on the reception bench and waits for a spot to have his coffee.
Just sitting at the entrance to the cafe a woman stops and starts asking several questions about her leg in plaster, Diana replies that she will have to wear this large cast for another 2 months.
Soon after, she enters the cafe with all the difficulty sits at the table, asks for a classic strained coffee, and the attendant helps her to support her leg on the bench.
The cafeteria is very beautiful, there is even a swing inside the establishment. She sits on the swing and plays with her cast, and then visualizes a large staircase to the upper floor.
A defiant wooden ladder and that's what Diana has for a fetish, she doesn't waste time and goes very slowly lifting her leg and walking up the ladder step by step.
On the upper floor, a beautiful window where Diana performs some scenes sitting and caressing her foot.
Going down was also difficult.
Now she goes to the same entrance to smoke a cigarette, a great option for those who like smoke fetish.
Finishing your cigarette.
Preparing to get up, another woman realizes her difficulty and offers her help to get to the car, Diana uses and abuses that help, going on her shoulders with an unforgettable scene to close with a flourish this return to the cafeteria.

The video has a total of 17 minutes with scenes from:
- crutches in the street
- interaction with strangers on the street
- exhibitionism with your cast
- up and down stairs
- close and sensual scenes
- high heels
- smoke fetish
- stranger's help to walk

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file
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