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Vivian LLWC - chapter 04 - Mall shopping and starbucks

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Vivian LLWC - chapter 04 - Mall shopping and starbucks

Vivian on her last day with her cast has the desire to have an experience of going and showing off her beautiful cast on her entire leg in a busy mall.

As soon as she enters the mall she becomes the center of attention.
Visit some stores for a good peek in windows.
I decided to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks, where he sits doing some scenes with his cast.
Lots of looks, a few comments and your walk continues to the parking lot.
video time: 12 min
the video has scenes from:

- exhibitionism at the mall
- walking with crutches
- shopping at the cafe
- pedolatry
- model rolling
- enjoying the plaster and showing off
- enjoying the parking
You will get a MP4 (643MB) file
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