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Cyber Security: Everything you should know about it

This book is written to help people out against increeasing cyber attacks. It is written in a simple language so that everyone can understand it.

Have you ever wondered that you receive an email from your company or your bank asking for your details. It is so well copied that you can't differentiate if it is real or scam and you fall for it and eventually you loose all your money and your pictures are leaked online OR you are browsing through internet and you find something interesting and decides to download it and receive the same fate. 

This book is written considering all these point in mind. How good a hacker may be but he still leaves some points that can help you differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy website or a scam email. This short ebook teaches YOU exactly that because we know how much struggle a person does to make money. More importantly if character is lost, everything is lost.

I have covered the eventual ways scammers can penetrate into your device, types of viruses and how they can cause problems to your machine and their solutions.

What this include?

Case studies

Introduction to types of viruses and how to get rid of them
How you are targeted and how you can protect yourself.

Ways to improve your security.


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