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2020 Ecommerce Guide for Advanced Users

Welcome, I'm AJ Thomas and I'm sharing strategies and real world processes that are occurring in ecommerce as we speak.  

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Ecommerce Trillion Dollar Industry 

Currently, as you are considering if you should purchase this ebook, there are trillions of dollars being made on retail ecommerce sites.  And yes this includes digital and physical products. 

The growth rate is estimated at $4.5 Trillion in Retail Ecommerce by 2021.  The year is 2020 and if you already know about hosting, domains, selling online, then this ecommerce manual will provide you with goals that are to be implemented along with some very intelligent ideas that once you understand the magnitude of what you have in and on your ecommerce business, you'll have wished you purchased from me sooner!

This ebook assumes you already are selling online and now want to know and learn from someone on how to leverage what you have.

Do you currently operate an ecommerce web presence?

And for all those people who have a brick and mortar physical stores and an ecommerce web presence, you'll love this as well because the multi-channel retailing that I explain in the book, will show you how to get access to as many online networks as possible and how to automate it! The only thing you'll be worried about is making sure you have enough boxes and packaging materials to keep up with the orders!

In 2020, it became obvious that having a social presence is imperative when growing sales because the top social media websites now offer a payment platform/ecommerce option to integrate your products, you will learn where to go to get started on it and how to tie it into an all in one place to operate from, whenever you showcase new products.

As voice power is becoming the new power, voice activation is the hottest thing and estimated at $80 Billion dollars by 2023.  I hope you see that this ebook is about expanding your mind and imagination so you can dominate your niche!

Think Outside the Box

Think of me as your performance advisor, furthermore, for physical store owners, you have a powerful weapon yet to be fully used through these mediums.  And you may be already doing something about it, but you are on this page for a reason, and this method for physical store owners will advance their store on a level they hadn't thought of.

This ecommerce ebook is packed with as much information as possible for your growth.  From understanding the importance of voice activation to understanding how to implement certain processes into your ecommerce site and shape shifting the way you think about each one of your demographics. 

I'll being covering strategies:
  • Multi channeling
  • Voice Activation 
  • Coupon sites
  • 3d printers
  • Your Own Product
  • Automation
  • Financials
  • Mobile Apps
  • Insurance
  • And much more!
The power of words and emotions are so entrained in each one of us, so please only purchase this ebook if you plan on being in the ecommerce industry 5 to 10 to 20 to 100 years, doing otherwise would be a waste of time.  Ecommerce is like a smartphone, EVERYONE uses it everyday, well over 4 billion people are on the internet and the world population is 7+ billion people, ecommerce will continue to thrive with advanced users as well as new users getting online.

Truly Yours,
AJ Thomas

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