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Ludwig - The Entire 25 Episodes

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Here is Ludwig! The animated series of 25 x 4 minute episodes, made by Mirek and Peter Lang in the seventies.

These video files are certainly not HD, but they are sharper and cleaner then they ever were when first broadcast on the BBC and surprisingly, still funny and very, very silly… 

Brief episode outlines x 25:

1. Arrival - Magpie finds that Ludwig, whatever he may be, has come to stay and play.

2. Hiccups - Ludwig cures little hedgehogs’ problems, and how!

3. Hooter - Magpie discovers that life inside a horn is not at all harmonious.

4. Glue - It is a sticky time for all when Ludwig has a puncture.

5. Kites - Little hedgehogs are taken for a ride when Ludwig’s plans go kite shaped.

6. Tennis - Owl realizes the importance of keeping at least one eye on the ball.

7. Sculptor - Ludwig petrifies everyone with his stone chipping creations.

8. Skating - During a cold snap Ludwig teaches the animals the skater’s waltz.

9. Umbrellas - The hedgehogs discover the perils of opening an umbrella in gusty weather.

10. Swing - Ludwig’s swing proves to be too much of a hit.

11. Bubbles - Ludwig is not the only one to have a bubble-bath this morning.

12. Clock - Being as punctual as Ludwig can drive the animals cuckoo!

13. Ball - Can Ludwig’s love of football provide the match of the day?

14. Coin - Magpie learns that small change can get him a long way.

15. Yo-Yo - Things are neither up nor down when Ludwig plays with a yo-yo.

16. Photographer - Ludwig’s investigation is derailed for the sake of a group photo.

17. Christmas - It is always fun and never too late to decorate a Christmas tree.

18. Architect - When the magpies’ nest breaks, Ludwig provides the perfectly grand design.

19. Balloons - The day goes ‘pop!’ when Ludwig leaves everyone up in the air.

20. High Jump - A sports day is a bit too much for some of the lazier, animal competitors.

21. Magician - Ludwig demonstrates that there’s nothing up his sleeve.

22. Artist - Ludwig discovers cubism when magpie, his model, can’t keep still.

23. Home Movie - Too any film-directors will spoil Ludwig’s blockbuster.

24. Nuts - Squirrel’s preparations for winter are sliding down the shoot.

25. TV - After a hard day Ludwig has a night out… watching the telly.

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