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The Beginner’s Landscape Transformation Manual Ebook

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When we take care of nature, nature will take care of us! This book will teach you to have an easy, productive, healthy garden on less time than you ever thought possible.


By transforming your landscape into a healthy ecosystem that will take care of itself. You’ll recruit nature to work for you—one smart project at a time. And while your landscape grows into a beautiful abundant paradise, you will grow into an expert natural gardener.

If you’re a beginner, this book will walk you through projects that will help you learn the fundamental skills for success, and if you already garden, this book will introduce you to easy and effective ways to have your best garden ever. With this book you’ll learn:

—The basics of “holistic natural” gardening, which is working with nature instead of using poisons, plastics, and petroleum products that harm the earth and human health.

—How to create gardens that take care of themselves, with built-in features for weeding, watering, pest and disease prevention, and maintaining abundant fertility. This way you don’t have to do that work!

—Dozens of projects to transform your landscape, including a permaculture garden makeover, hedgerows, designs for growing fruit and nut trees and shrubs, edible forest gardens, edible meadows, etc.

—How to make gardens that require almost no watering, fertilizer, or weeding.

—Projects to teach you the basics of gardening and plant tending by actually doing it.

—How to have a great productive garden that’s also great for the planet, one that sequesters carbon, fights climate change, stewards water, and takes care of biodiversity.

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