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Transform Your Landscape into a beautiful, abundant paradise! Around the world, up and down every street, people are eager to take positive action right in their own yards. This radically new, yet ancient type of garden has it all. These Transformative Landscapes: 

  • Are abundant with nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables, 
  • They're easier than you could imagine, 
  • They fight Climate Change by sequestering carbon, 
  • They're resilient, drought-proof, and resist pest problems, 
  • They care for wildlife and native species, 
  • They regenerate healthy soil, 
  • They clean and steward water, 
  • They build real wealth and family security, 
  • They can even help you escape the rat race, 
  • Help you reconnect with nature and community, 

And-at their best-they are astoundingly beautiful. With the right designs and techniques, we can have all this on as little as a few hours of work per week. 

This beautiful book guides you on the rewarding adventure of transforming your landscape into a beautiful, bountiful paradise: 

  • Over 100 tried and true designs, ideas, and projects you can adapt to your own project, 
  • Cutting edge, research-based techniques for abundant gardens without plastics, poisons or petroleum, 
  • Hundreds of pictures, infographics, and illustrations, 
  • Dozens of recommended edible plant profiles, including perennial edibles, tree crops, and vegetables, 
  • Beautiful designs for gardens, forest gardens, hedgerows, farms, plant "guilds," ponds, 
  • Tips and techniques for creating landscapes that are as beautiful and spiritually fulfilling as they are abundant with food.

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