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The Cookie Club (season 1)

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Marriage is supposed to be hard, Isn't it?…
Then why is Allie having so much fun after 15 years?

The girls and I have had lunch at the Cookie Club Cafe for years. Sharing our successes and burdens. Not the least of which are the tales of marital challenges. One of us, Allie, has never voiced a single complaint. I have always been jealous of her and how connected and in love her husband and she are. I wish my marriage could be like that.

What's her secret?
Then she shared it with us, and what a steamy idea it was.
It has turned our world on its head.

There’s no way Gavin would ever go for it. Would he? There is no way I could see myself taking her advice. Could I? Was it just easier to maintain the status quo rather than to take the chance for what Allie has?

Only one way to find out!
Fingers crossed as we open Pandora's box and explore the boundaries of what a marriage can be.

Find out how we do in a series of short stories with very happy endings.
Read the cookie club now.
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