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The Valkyrie's Sword (Book 2, Warbler Peninsula)

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Svanhild isn’t looking for a new sword, even when one’s handed to her...

Svanhild Bjørnsdottir doesn’t need much—just a place to work in order to fix her Valkyrie motorcycle before moving on. As a fallen Valkyrie, she has no hope of settling down or returning to the Shield Maidens. Odin exiled her for defying him, and she’s not interested in going back, especially after arriving at the Fix-It Cave in Three Lakes, Michigan. But the last thing she’s looking for is love.

As a Blade in the fanatical Sword of God, a religious group bent on protecting humans from the Elder Races, Balder Templar is haunted by the ghost of his last target and his part in the deaths of her werewolf family. Hunting redemption and respite, his path leads him to Kate Blackamber, the Morukai shaman of Three Lakes. Kate knows who he is, what he’s done, and what he needs.

The Morukai lays a geas on both Svanhild and Balder—to help the other become part of the community. But when Balder rescues a little girl from an apartment fire and is recognized for his past, packmembers of the ghost arrive to demand retribution. In a town that abhors the Sword of God, Balder doesn’t have many defenders, but the Valkyrie may just be his saving grace.

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