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The Prince and The Pirate 2

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Reunited at last, Daya and Alastar know their love is too strong to give up because of things that are beyond their control. They spend days together, the heat of it devouring their every worry.

Alastar is anxious to get to New Day and meet his mother, but wants to say goodbye to the people who’d taken him in, showing him the family he’d always wanted. He takes Daya to the schoolhouse, getting Sarah’s fast approval, and letting them know that the pirates were coming back, set on revenge.

While there, Daya gets sick and wants nothing more than to go home, so Alastar takes him there, where they discover that, because of the fact Daya is female when he shifts, he and Alastar made a baby.

There’s only one problem. The baby can’t grow inside of a male Daya, so he must stay shifted while the child grows inside him. Meanwhile, Alastar gets to know his mother, who was overjoyed her firstborn son was alive.

The pirates are amassing the scattered remnants that Daya didn’t manage to kill. Led by a witch, they know where the pirates left alive are hiding, and gather them, along with more weapons, to kill Daya and anyone who gets in their way.

Can Daya and Alastar win the war and raise their child? Will the cougar clan reach them in time to help? FIND OUT TODAY in the final installment of The Prince and the Pirate Duet.
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