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Blood Feud PAPERBACK - signed by the Author

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Signed paperback copy of Blood Feud, Stoneridge Pack Book 3

Book Description:

Sometimes the blood that bonds us together is what causes the greatest of rifts

The pack is balancing on an edge, trying to hold together after the last fight tried to tear them apart. Calli throws herself into trying to learn as much magic as she can, and her mates watch on helplessly as her obsession starts to take over. But old enemies are rising, and a surprising party reaches out, requesting aid. Now, facing everything she's lost, Calli needs to make a decision. Can she rise above the hate, the loss, the heartbreaking reality of what's happened and help those who need it? Not only will it shine a light on who she truly is as a person, but it will shake the very foundation of what it means to be a shifter.

Reader warning: this book contains explicit scenes and briefly deals with themes that some readers may find triggering.

This is a reverse harem book with adult content and is intended for 18+ readers only.

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