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Content & Business Planner

Download this Content & Business Planner printable and you will always know what to do when and keep meticulous track of all your blogging efforts.

We all heard the saying repeatedly: “Content is king.”   Do you believe it?  Well, you should, as it’s true.

The problem we all as bloggers face is knowing what to write when (which month of the year) to get to most traction from Google and Pinterest, as both do require time to find your post and pins to ‘dish’ them up for others to see.

So, this Undated Content & Business Planner will help you to out to figure out what to post and get your holiday posts out on time.

Now, let’s get this Content & Business Planner show on the road for you to put together a plan for an entire year and never get stuck for ideas and trending topics.

The Content & Business Planner will guide and be the only system you will ever need to make sure that you stay on track with what to post, and schedule when with regards to seasonality and trending topics.

We have broken down and provided you with some topics and ideas per month and then you can work and select those you will post (niche dependent) and all topics and trends will be listed ahead of time.  For example:  In January you will receive trends and topics you will post which only will take place in April, as this will give Google and Pinterest time to rank your posts and show them to your fellow bloggers.

Now, you can get down to do your thing, research the topic, and you’re all set and will have posted your topics and trends in time to rank

The Content & Business Planner includes:

  • A cover page for when you print this Content & Business Planner
  • 17 pages with various topics to keep track of all your Blogging business in one safe place.

Each month you will see:

  • A double-page for the entire month – Undated for you to check what you have done each day.
  • Topics and Ideas to brainstorm, i.e., January will show you a list of examples for posts for April.
  • In a section you can write down all those Post Titles, you wish to anticipate using and when you wish to have them ready for publication as well as Description, Hashtags, etc.
  • You can also make sure to stay on track with all your Social Media Profiles once you have the above sorted out to make sure you share your posts once published.
  • You can log your goals and track them per month.
  • Another neat category, you can log all the courses you have purchased/downloaded and stay on track to complete them
This Undated Content & Business Planner is a downloadable PDF and will be delivered directly to your email inbox so no physical product will be mailed to you.  You will receive it immediately, so no need to wait for the mailman.

This Undated Content & Business Planner is your ticket to stress-free Blogging for years to come and a way to stay organized from now going forward.

Happy Blogging
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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