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Christmas Pre-Sale Blogging Tracker and Schedule Calendar

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Do you want all your Blogging Schedule and Tracking Problems Solved?

We have done all the hard work, setting up the sample spreadsheet, so now all you need to do would be to modify it to suit your own blogging needs, and you're set up for success.

Month after Month

This is a Perpetual Calendar, so grab this ONCE and you will have it for your entire blogging career!

Do the work ONLY once and you're done for years to come!

Follow the easy instructions ...

Please do not despair, we have done all the work!  We made it as easy as possible and you will be set in record time and have a working calendar for your own personal needs.

The ONLY Perpetual Blogging Calendar you need.

Buy it now at the Pre-Sale Price of more than 50% less than the full price and once launched you will receive the final product and file for immediate use.


You will get a JPG (75KB) file

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