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Wing and a Prayer (Psychics of Oracle Bay #3; discontinued cover)

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A modern apocalypse threatens Oracle Bay…

…while a beautiful oracle holds a fallen angel’s heart in her hands.

Will Andy’s memory of his halo be enough to save the world?

Andy Sterling, former fallen angel has been cast out of heaven and hell and is hiding in plain sight in Oracle Bay. He’s been content to brew award-winning beer, tease the ubiquitous resident psychics, and settle into the obscurity of small-town life.

Ceridwen Kenny looked into his mind to solve a mystery, and they both got much more than they’d bargained for. She can’t forget what she’s seen, he can’t get her out of his mind, and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.
A Halloween scuffle instigated by some rowdy angels sets a series of events into motion, and soon his small-town obscurity is threatened by an apocalypse. This time, the world isn’t the only thing on the line—Andy has his heart to guard as well.

In the battle between heaven and hell, which side will earn his loyalty and his sword? And will he be able to protect his heart while he also guards Oracle Bay?

You’ll love this paranormal fallen angel romance, because apocalyptic tomfoolery starring a fallen angel, a centuries-old scryer, and a group of feisty gods will suck you in to their supernatural shenanigans and keep you there until the end.