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Sonatine for Bassoon Quartet score and parts

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My Sonatine for Bassoon Quartet is in three movements and is neo-classical in style. In this quartet I attempted to fully explore the textural and timbral aspects of the bassoon as well as all of the emotional possibilities it can produce from playful, to lyrical, mysterious to aggressive and driving. It is inspired by many different sources from Beethoven to Prokofiev and the blues to modern jazz.

The structure of the first movement is ABA. The A section is a funeral march inspired by Beethoven’s piano sonata no.12 in Ab Op. 26. In contrast the B section is very lyrical and expressive. The second movement is a playful scherzo where the voices have a lot of interplay and share music lines and motives together. The third movement is strong and driving where the power of the bassoon is showcased. Virtuosic in nature the third movement features the ensemble playing in a variety of musical textures from unison writing to highly contrapuntal and also features combinations of duos and trios. The high register of the bassoon is featured in the more lyrical parts and the movement ends with driving unison playing.
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