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Thanksgiving Pie Shop Pretend Play Printable

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•Here is a simple and fun Thanksgiving pretend play pie shop kids activity!
•Setup a small pie shop at home with the open and close sheets(pgs. 5-6) and
counter cards (pgs. 7-10), menu (pg. 11) and pie pieces (pgs. 12-18). You can even go

as far as practicing counting how many pies you purchased. Adding and subtracing

pie to pie for a more advanced approach when your LO is in kindergarten.

If you are working on sight words, write out that specific sight word and on the pies

and when you pretend play purchase them, say aloud the sight word! These

are different ways you can use this simple printable as your LO gets older! :D

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


What other fun ways can you think of using these?

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You will get a PDF (13MB) file
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