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Highland Christmas - a festive, feel-good laugh out loud story set in Scotland (ebook)

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Christmas—joy, happiness and family fun, right?

As new parents and the co-owners of a village hotel, Gaby and Jack are looking forward to some time out come the end of December… Sure, being in the hospitality industry means working when everyone else is off, but once they’ve waved goodbye to the hotel’s Christmas guests, it’s all hands on deck for family festivities.

But Gaby’s mum has other plans in mind—ones that set Gaby and brother Dylan on a collision course with her. Nanna Cooper’s not in the best of health and Katya is coping with heartbreak once more. Just who is her baby’s daddy? Dexter demands to know…

Meanwhile, Lachlan seems to be up to no good, meeting strangers late at night and handing over brown envelopes while Mhari, as ever, is poking her nose in everywhere. Caroline, the once super enthusiastic grandmother, seems to have lost her appetite for babysitting Evie.

Featuring misbehaving grandmothers, secretive brothers and a whole lot of laughs, Highland Christmas is a heart-warming tale of rural life in Scotland.

What the readers said: "A great read which strikes just the right note to ease lockdown misery with all the right ingredients for a romantic story in a perfect setting.

"What is going on with Gaby's family? What is Katya's secret? And how will they save the struggling Lochside Welcome? Jack and Gaby seem to be juggling one crisis after another as everything seems to be going wrong for all the people they care about, not to mention their own money worries as bookings are down and the Christmas holiday season is looming.

"I loved this series, and this is a fitting conclusion to the five books. with plenty to puzzle over and wonder about, you'll laugh, you'll maybe shed a few tears in this heartwarming story about a loving couple just trying to get by."
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