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Giovanna SAK + LLWC - Chapter 01 - Amputee + Accident + Plastering Leg + Fresh LLWC

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Giovanna SAK + LLWC - Chapter 01 - Amputee + Accident + Plastering Leg + Fresh LLWC

Giovanna is a beautiful amputee peasant, likes to take care of her flowers and plants throughout her huge house.
In the morning she likes to water all her plants to renew her home's energy.
She takes her ladder to water the upper plants and in an imbalance of the ladder she is thrown backwards and the ladder lands on top of her leg and breaks her tibia, fibula and knee all at once.
Groaning in pain, she drags herself through her backyard and until she gets to her phone, she asks for help for her rescue.

a private doctor is called and goes to your house, he confirms the multiple fractures and the recommendation is that you put your entire leg in a cast for 2 months.

The doctor makes the cast and she waits for hours to dry so she can try to balance and go to rest with her cast.

Choose your beautiful balcony with beautiful plants at the top of your house, which makes it a complete adventure to walk with your leg in a cast and the other with your prosthesis to the balcony where a beautiful sun beats that will help in your recovery!

the video has a total of 35 minutes.
scenes from:

- Getting up
- putting on your prosthesis
- showing your stump
- having breakfast
- walking with prosthesis
- having an accident
- painful scenes
- medical care
- plastering on leg
- fresh plaster
- first steps with LLWC

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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