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The Famous and Successful, Their Advice For All Of Us (Ebook)




How do you become successful in life ? The answer, is offered by people who already accomplished their goals and achieved success.  More than 200 distinguished gentlemen and ladies, from movie stars to astronauts, from baseball players to business men/women, from singers/musicians to politicians, shared their special advice with me. 


As a youth literacy tutor, I wanted to give useful advice to our boys and girls. I started my research on "how to be successful and what is success ?" What I found in my study was that there are many paths to being successful in life. I also found the keys to success and happiness. This book will help you to achieve your goals and make your life happier. When you start reading this book you will not want to stop. 


Just for you

Now, I want to share my collection of wise quotes with you. These quotes if taken can turn someone's failure into achievement, a life of despair to one of hope and opportunity.


This book is in essence a guidebook for anybody who want to be successful in what they do. Even a quick read of few pages can turn your life around and point your ambitions in the right direction.


This is a book you can share with your family and friends. It will make a wonderful gift for someone you want to assist on achieving their goals in life.


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