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The Shifter: Legends of Pern Coen

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Bran has spent his life being hunted for what he is. Born with the gift of shape shifting, his very existence is in danger from the ruler of the Clan of Blaidd, Ri Cadfael. Bran has sworn his loyalty to a man who has vowed to see Cadfael brought to ruin, until a chance encounter with the Ri's daughter leaves Bran questioning his future. Seren saved him years ago and the memories of her, and of his old life, aren't so easily forgotten.

In the end, Bran must make a choice: kill Seren or spare her. And if he does spare her life, he will be forced to risk his very own. Can Bran turn away from his questionable past and help Seren save the clan from the Dark Spirit bent on destroying it? And will Seren lose her heart to a dangerous shifter in the process?

The Shifter is part one in a Celtic inspired romantic fantasy trilogy featuring a fade to black romance.

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The Scout: Legends of Pern Coen