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Easy Home Income & Expense Worksheet

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PLEASE NOTE! – This is an Excel Spreadsheet. It is recommended you have at least a basic knowledge of Excel, including formulas.

Gaining control of your finances is often one of the top New Year’s resolutions we make.  The Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet can help with that by showing you at a glance exactly where every penny is spent. This Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet that comes complete with calculation formulas already done for you, and a Pie Chart to see what percentages of your income each one consumes.  Just download, adjust it to your personal income and expenses and start gaining control of your finances!

What Is an Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet?

This Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet is a financial tracking tool that does a ‘deep dive’ into how your money is spent.  It follows the money management system described in the eBook Simple Life Dollars and ‘Sense’, with categories such as:

  • Priority One – mortgage, food, utilities, etc.
  • Priority Two – Child care, loans, savings, insurance, etc.
  • Secondary One – Education, computers, books, etc.
  • Secondary Two – Entertainment, memberships, vacations, etc.

Having this information at your fingertips comes in handy in several ways:

  • Breaks down your Income and Expenses into detail
  • Helps to see how much money you actually spend in each area
  • Shows specific areas where expenses can be cut in order to balance your budget
The Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet will also help you when it comes time to create a budget each year. With a simple glance, you will be able to adapt this year’s budget to last year’s expenditures just by looking at the category on your Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet.

At a Glance  Charts
     To see exactly where your money is going, there are three Bar Charts that can help:

Income and Expenses
     Secondary One Expenses
     Secondary Two Expenses
By tracking these three categories, you can quickly determine areas where expenses can be reduced in order to stretch your dollars and have some left over to save.

Other Benefits of an easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet

  • Keep track of ‘extra’ income by keeping a record of money received from the sale of items, gifts, and extra jobs
  • Know how much you spend on Gifts each year
  • Discover how much of your expenses are necessary, and how much can be eliminated
  • Have an overall ‘picture’ of where your money is coming from and where it is going
  • Helps when you are facing a serious drop in income, such as the loss of a job or unexpected medical expenses
  • Quickly find ways to cut expenses to increase your savings
  • May just be an ‘eye opener’ by seeing how much money is being spent in small, almost hidden ways
  • Can quickly make changes and find other alternatives or eliminate those spending habits once and for all.

Adaptability of the Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet

The Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet is an Excel worksheet.  If you have knowledge of this spreadsheet based software, you can easily adapt your Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet to your personal income and expenses.

With simple editing, you can adapt the Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet to your fit with your own home’s priorities and spending.

Get started today.  Take the first step of reducing financial stress and begin managing your home finances like a pro with an Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet!

You can also take your Financial Goals even one step further with the Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook and a Simple Home Budget Worksheet that is already designed and ready to be filled in!
You will get a XLSX (113KB) file

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