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The Scissors of Atropos, Cutting toxic ties, 7 protocols that work

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The course is an 18 pages e-book with links to several audios and videos. (sent to you as a PDF)

The course includes:
- What are toxic ties and how they affect you?
- Understand how toxic ties are created between you and others.
- How to use the protocols?
- Learn and practice 7 different protocols to cut toxic ties and return to the wholeness of you.

In Greek mythology, the Moires are the three deities of Destiny: Clotho ("the Spinner"), Lachesis ("the Allotter") and Atropos ("the Inflexible"). They will become the Fates, in Roman mythology.
Atropos was the oldest of the three, the one who represented the past, that past from which we must detach ourselves to live the present moment. It was her who put an end to the lives of mortals by cutting the thread of human life with a pair of scissors.

It is to her inflexibility that I suggest you call today to cut the toxic links that bind you to energetically negative people or situations.
You will get a PDF (10MB) file