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How to Record and Sell a meditation e-book

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After purchase, you get an 11 pages e-book with thorough description and explanations of how to record, edit, add music, promote and sell a meditation or hypnosis audio file.

It contains a Step by step detailed sequence that will make sure you are covered on every front!

The tools I recommend are FREE or very low price to propel your business to new heights while still keeping you in control of your budget ...

The tools I recommend are EASY to learn and use so you can rock the online world while remaining sane and true to yourself!

I hope you enjoy this e-book and it helps you create amazing audios for your online business!

Sending, as always, Love, light and gratitude


BONUS: a 42 minutes video workshop on how to proceed!! The link will be in your e-book!!

Testimonials about this product:

It's great when someone is tech-savvy, who has done the research, has chosen the cheapest and easiest ways (yet knows of other more sophisticated paid options for the future) in this case how to produce a meditation and sell it. Thank you.

This e-book and bonus video gives a detailed step-by-step approach to make the task of producing and selling a meditation easier, saving our precious time and reducing frustration if you like me, are not tech savvy. Thank you Isaya.

You will get a PDF (4MB) file