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The end of the modern world


For me, I believe that this development in which we live is a double-edged sword, and we were aware of what the world is currently doing, from development to the point that we are studying a method that enables us to dwell in space, and on the other hand, we are close to our development to make our world a pile of debris and not only human offspring but we skipped That has been years since we took into account all other beings in our destruction, whose life we ​​took from the beginning of the appearance of man on the face of the earthDaily under the pretext that there are originally defects and shortcomings in the bully and I currently hear some of you say inside you you are just a stupid stupid you could rebel and respond hahaha you cannot respond individually my companion because you are in the simplest solutions will throw you in prison or mourn the madman because you simply do not contradict a person You are violating an organization or government because you simply live in the middle of an elders society, being imprisoned and immorality on the platforms analyze drinking beer and wine as long as it does not lead you in the end to opposing the rulers and permitting dancing and nudity because it is a fine art and I currently hear someone say if I were the ruler I would be A role model I regret to tell you this organization called Watan has even been contaminated Pure became traitor, you will not be fairOthers will not be modified, and even I will not be fair because simply you have tasted the taste of deprivation, so we will deprive others as we have deprived the organization. You need a conscious mind and a pure heart. The world ends
the end of the world
 Chapter one
Now we have reached the most important thing in this novel or book. The beginning of the end for those who think that I will recite the end of the world according to the Noble Qur’an and prophetic hadiths. And to let your soul travel with me on this future trip

We in 2020 appeared the Corona virus, which threatened humanity with death, and I do not see that the world deserves to be annihilated by this comfortable death. No blood, no chaos of this disease. People did not appear on their reality after the black side of them. I saw humans from the beginning. I saw their mineral. They deserve all the harm. Their spirit is not pure. Let us agree on one point: Do not trust what you hear and what you see
I am now sailing you to the first scene I saw, which was ten thousand years ago, I was traveling the land to see a brother who killed his brother by removing a sharp deer as a knife and his skin as he took. She shed her first forbidden blood, and the human mineral seemed to lose its shine and stained with the pure earth. After years of injustice and discontent, the Lord wanted to give Adam's offspring another opportunity, another start with the first messenger and prophet. Idols and went too far in their tyranny that they worshiped the calf and fire. I doubted they were really fools, but I was withThe passage of all these years I realized that I was right, they are really stupid. I know the truth of human beings since eternity, but I deny the existence of the righteous and the prophets. Deny and disbelieve, and who made me laugh for decades. How much people tend to disbelieve more than faith. I have seen fools think that God’s prophets and his attribute as Jesus, God’s peace be upon them, on the pretext that they have miracles and others have fought the prophets. I see this The era after the annihilation








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