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French Kissing: Season Three

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Paris… City of lights, City of love… City of drama!

It has been six months since Dominique and Steph came out publicly. How has the video affected their lives and how is Steph coping with becoming a public figure?

After her motorcycle accident, Margot is going back to work at the hospital, but she’ll have sexy neurosurgeon Marie Dievart to deal with on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Juliette still has babies on her mind. Will she be able to persuade her new bride Nadia that it’s not too late for them to become mothers?

And will Claire be able to keep a shocking secret she has been living with for the past few months?

The third season of French Kissing will deliver the answers to all these questions… and then some!

Friendships will be tested, old attractions will flare up, long-suppressed emotions will finally have to be dealt with and… a presidential election is on the line.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love, excessive wine consumption, but no more cliffhangers.

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