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3 Day Detox Superfoods Meal Plan

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The 3 Day Detox includes 15 superfood meals, 3 day meal plan, recipes, and tips to optimize all your body's detoxing systems.   This plan also includes various worksheets to help you succeed:
  • The readiness for change worksheet
  • The support system questionnaire
  • The kitchen makeover quiz
  • The biweekly adherence chart

There's also a detox workout on page 22 that includes a leg hiit detox workout video plus other detox workout options.  It's amazing how the human body constantly detoxifies through various organs.

It repairs and rebuilds itself at all hours of the day especially when you’re sleeping. But how efficient it is at detoxing depends a lot on your nutrition and exercise routine.

This detox focuses on foods and exercises that will support all your detoxification systems so that you have an easier time getting healthy, losing fat, and getting fit.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (30MB)
  • PDF (132KB)
  • PDF (836KB)
  • PDF (888KB)
  • PDF (831KB)
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