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Christmas Lights Counting Printable - Active Littles

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Christmas Lights Counting Printable - Active Littles

Oh these are so fun! 

These counting placemats are probably one of my most favorite printable's I have created this winter. 

Using a dry pocket with these works great
for on the go/ on vacation/ at a restaurant..

Included: 20 colored counting sheets/placemats and

1 that you can use to add numbers, addition/subtraction which is great for more advanced learners/as they grow.

I also included bonus 1-5 counting mats. These are great for on the go as well.  

We used a dot of finger paint on my little one’s finger to mark and count the Christmas lights.

Other fun options for learning to count:
  • Using pom poms
  • paint on a qtip
  • dot markers
  • stickers
  • markers

The possibilities are truly endless! 👍

What other ways can you think of using these?

For more fun play to learn printables, visit:
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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