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All in One - Drawing Workbooks

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With this all-in-one pack, you will learn everything you need to know as an illustrator on 171 pages!

Volume 01 "How to Start Drawing" contains 4 chapters on 21 pages:

  • Chapter One: How to Look and see properly
  • Chapter Two: The basic shapes
  • Chapter Three: Correct shading
  • Chapter Four: Freehand Portrait Sketching

Volume 02 "How to Draw the Face" contains 3 chapters on 13 pages:

  • Chapter One: What is the Loomis Method?
  • Chapter Two: How to Draw the Loomis Head
  • Chapter Three: How to Draw the Loomis Face

Volume 03 "How to Draw the Face" contains 7 chapters on 39 pages:

  • Chapter One: Simple version of the Loomis head
  • Chapter Two: Eyes, nose, mouth, and ears - front and side view
  • Chapter Three: Anatomy of the head & face
  • Chapter Four: The Eyes from any angle
  • Chapter Five: The nose from any angle
  • Chapter Six: The mouth from any angle
  • Chapter Seven: The ears from any angle

Volume 04 "How to Draw the Body" contains 6 chapters on 65 pages:

  • Chapter One: Proportions
  • Chapter Two: Skeleton and Loomis Body
  • Chapter Three: Poses
  • Chapter Four: Sense of Bulk
  • Chapter Five: Perspectives
  • Chapter Six: Anatomy

Vol. 05 "30 Day Drawing & Creativity Challenge" contains 33 Pages


You'll get:

  • PDF files - if you want to print the workbook
  • PSD files - for Photoshop & Procreate on the iPad pro.
  • NEW - A help file for Procreate beginners who don't yet know how to use Layers, including a link to a beginner tutorial video. :)

If you are working on a normal iPad, please import the "Part 1" and "Part 2" PSD files, as the complete file probably exceeds the compatibility of your iPad. The largest file is 90 MB and contains 33 layers with a 2k px canvas. Please check if the file is not too big for your iPad version. :)

You will get a ZIP (417MB) file

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Yvonne van D.

Verified Buyer

3 weeks ago

An amazing help when drawing my portraits

I'm glad I found this pack of perspectives and portrait stamps, because it saves me a lot of time when outlining the face and body in the right perspective. Thank you Laura, for these wonderful tools you share.


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Great books

Loved these books, really helped me understand proportions and showed me little tips for future drawings, these books really are great for anyone wanting to improve there skills.

Daniel R.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

How to learn to draw Workbooks

I think it's a great tool and a simple explanation of how a beginner could get into drawing.


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

All I could need to start out and then some

The workbooks are a great tool for starting out and sharpening my knowledge and techniques. Highly recommend!


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Great workbooks

I really enjoyed working with this product. It helped me a lot, especially with proportions. I also highly value aesthetics of workbooks. Product highly recommended :)