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★★★★★ “So many tropes & themes that I love: office romance, age gap, competent women and men who appreciate them for it, small town romance, found family and lots of laughs.” - Rellim Reads Blog

She’s my boss, and she’s a stone-cold fox.

Two months ago, I lost my boat, my cat, and—with my leg in a cast—my income. Until I can walk again, the only job I’m fit for is one few have survived.

See, my new boss has a reputation. She's grumpy, no-nonsense, and runs a tight ship. Keeping a tight rein on a movie budget requires nerves of steel. Especially when disaster strikes.

When she yells at me, all I hear is the passion in her voice. All I want in those moments is to kiss her until she can't think straight.

And then convince her that it's okay to fall in love with me.

Fans of 1990's movies like Swimming with Sharks and Beautiful Girls will love this slow-burn, boss-assistant, entertainment biz, 1990’s office romance from USA Today bestselling author Karen Grey.
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Anni R.

8 months ago

Another brilliant Karen Grey, Carolina Classics addition! Great age-gap storyline

I'm a mega Karen Grey fan - and this is one of her best books so far! I highly recommend everyone picks this up (but even though it could technically be read standalone, it's better having read You Get What You Give, book 1 in the series, first, to meet the other characters and get to know the background).

We finally get Sully's story! This one picks up just a short time after book 1, after Vi and Nate's story ended. Sully has taken off on his boat and heads up towards Chesapeake Bay, when a terrible thing happens... He's back home and recovering but needs to get back working to keep his medical insurance active to keep paying his medical bills from that accident. He has a badly broken leg and can't stand up to do the mic and boom operating on movie and TV sets like he used to, but his friends are still in the industry and able to help set him up as an office assistant to a very hard to get along with line producer.

She, Helen (preferring to be called O'Neill), has difficulty holding onto assistants because she's demanding and likes everything to be done properly and in a timely manner. Her latest assistant just walked out after she messed up and got yelled at by Helen, again... and now she's in a lurch because production is about to begin on the next movie, and she needs an assistant! When she finds out they're sending her a ... young guy ... of all people, she's hesitant. Until he and his set experience, and his takes-no-crap attitude turns out to be exactly what and who she needs. And not just on set, but could it be that Sully, 10 years her junior, is a perfect match in all ways? A quick trip up to Chesapeake during a weekend off from filming, when he needs to retrieve his boat, may answer that question.

Karen always has such a beautiful way of writing, and all of her characters are just so incredible (incredibly written, because they are flawed in just the right ways), and chemistry between them, every time, flows perfectly. This particular story, I think, is the best one yet! And a great reverse age-gap storyline. I can always appreciation this trope, along with the workplace romance. And I love that all 5 of the friends are still present and show up a lot in this one... even Whitney! And the retro, back to the 90's is so much fun (this is set in the year I graduated, so I love that)!

Update - I loved the audio version!! Karen picked the perfect narrators! Mackenzie Cartwright did a beautiful job, as she always does. She’s definitely one of my favorite female narrators and is definitely fast approaching the top of my favorite list of all narrators. She suited O’Neill so very well. JF Harding is a new to me voice. He did a great job as Sully - I don’t think anyone else could have done it better or fit the role more perfectly. Great casting, Karen!

I received an advance review and listen copy from Karen Grey and Home Cooked Books Promotions, and this is my honest feedback. Thank you, Karen!


9 months ago

Sully & Helen are perfect

This is the second book in Karen Grey’s Carolina Classics series. While each book focuses on a different couple, there’s definitely some story lines that will weave throughout the whole series. While I loved and think the prequel, I’ll Stand By You, is a good intro – minimally this would best be enjoyed after reading/listening to book 1, You Get What You Give.

Oh my heart! Sully and Helen were PERFECT. I connect really well with Grey’s writing and characters which is why I continue to devour her books – but this is my absolute favorite of all her books. First there are so many tropes & themes that I love: office romance, age gap, competent women and men who appreciate them for it, small town romance, found family and lots of laughs.

Sully is recovering from a disastrous boating accident and dealing with all that comes with it: physically, financially, and emotionally. Helen is a movie executive who has no patience for assistants or time for love. When Helen’s in need of help during a shoot in North Carolina, Dani suggest Sully. While he’s usually the muscle on set, he knows how the business works.

Immediately I connected with Sully. I just got off crutches after a surgery earlier this month and I could relate with how frustrating it is to not be able to do so. many. things. I love the way Grey brought all of those little details into the story. Helen was also fantastic. The perfect mix of strong, driven, smart, a fierce friend, and yet still vulnerable.

These two are fireworks. At first just clashing (in a fun way) in the office and then sparks fly in the bedroom. But it isn’t all just lust. It was easy to tell that these two belonged together and that their HEA was a certainty… once they managed a few bumps in the road. While Helen is 10 years older at 38, the age gap didn’t actually cause a lot of issues. Overall, Grey provided just enough angst in a few areas to make things interesting without dragging it out.

I like that the rest of the Carolina Classics gang is integral to the story, but doesn’t take the light away from Helen and Sully. We get updates on Violet & Nate, Ford, Whitney, and it looks like Dani’s book is up next. She’s been such an intriguing character – I can’t wait.

I received an advanced copy of the ebook from Home Cooked Books and am leaving an honest review.


9 months ago

I loved this emotional, sweet and swoony, reverse age gap love story.

I loved this emotional, sweet and swoony, reverse age gap love story. This slow-burn boss-assistant romance was filled with fun nostalgia in a heartfelt story, with down to earth characters, and loads of sexual tension leading to steamy passion! Sullivan is out of work after a boating accident that left him injured. His friends help him get a job as Helen's assistant after her last one ran out in tears. It isn't ideal for him, but he needs the money and as a bonus is unflappable. He stubbles a bit at first, but quickly becomes invaluable to Helen. They both work well together and their attraction is undeniable. Helen has worked hard in a male dominated industry and is afraid to act on her feelings and appear too soft. But when they can't hold back their feelings anymore, they give in to their combustible chemistry. But can a woman whose work is everything, leaving her feeling lonely, and a man who works so he can have a life with family, friends and the water, who wants her with him on his adventures, find a way to be happy together? This was a tender and fun story that warmed my heart. I loved Helen and Sully, and how they helped each other navigate what they struggled with, making each other stronger to find love and happiness. This romance has all the feels, it’s romantic, and funny, and its full of sizzling chemistry with wonderful characters you can’t help loving.