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First, there’s only one office. Then, there’s only one bed. Then, there’s only one condom.

I’m over the moon when I land my first-ever writing job on a new TV show that’s like, da bomb. So what if my old boss twisted her son’s arm to get me the job?

I’m not so enthused when I have to share an office the size of a broom closet with a grumpy guy who ignores me. I don’t care if he’s totally fly. I’ve got enough on my plate trying to come up with high concept storylines and punchy dialogue for hormone-filled teenagers—the actors and the characters—while being hazed in the writers’ room.

Things begin to heat up between us on a work trip to the gorgeous coastal filming location for our show, but when a hurricane threatens, sharing an office is the last thing we need to worry about.

Fans of TV shows like Dawson’s Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this throwback 1990’s forced proximity, partners to lovers, road trip romcom with an unconventionally geeky hero.
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2 weeks ago

Tina & George

This novella is book 1.5 in Karen Grey’s Carolina Classics series. Some of the events are concurrent with those in book 1, You Get What You Give and also contains slight spoilers for it. Series is definitely best enjoyed in order.

Fun addition for fans of the series. I enjoyed George and Tina. They’re kind of opposites attract and find they have more in common than they realize. I admit I love forced proximity and “only one hotel room with only one bed” tropes, so this was great for me.

George is a bit of a gentle giant/quirky nerd and Tina is an empathic writer who is bucking her family’s vision for her life. Lots of laughs in this one as well as hunkering down during a hurricane. I adore that Tina loves what so many others have criticized George for.

They get a cute and somewhat open ended HFN. They’re an adorable couple.


1 month ago

I really enjoyed this funny, sweet and steamy story.

I really enjoyed this funny, sweet and steamy story. This is about Tina and George, the two new writers for Lawson’s Reach TV show, whom we met in the first book. They have an awkward first meet, but working together in their small space, and having different writing styles, make them a perfect writing team. They are attracted to each other from the start but this job is a big break for them and they don't want to risk this opportunity. When they are sent to Carolina to help with their writing for the show, they have one awkward, harrowing, and hilarious incident after another that causes them to finally address their attraction for each other. But what happens when they fall for each other, causing them to possibly having to choose between their dream job, and true love? I loved Tina and George and the quirky way they see life. I loved how Grey wrote this story with hilarious cartoonish descriptions that made me visualize everything so completely. This clever story is a great addition to the Carolina Classics series.
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