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Boston Classics Box Set Vol. One

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I am loving this series, each book is entertaining and contains plenty of laugh out loud moments and heartfelt ones.” Bookbub review

What I'm Looking For

While financial analyst Kate may be a numbers whiz, computing social situations like happy hour with her colleagues is an entirely different story. But an unexpected exchange with Shakespeare-loving bartender Will is about to turn her life upside down…

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Take a trip back in time to the 1980’s with this exclusive prequel to Forget About Me, where the setting may be retro, but falling in and out of love hasn’t changed.

Forget About Me
Internationally famous underwear model Ben has never forgotten his first love Lucy, his best friend’s younger sister. Back in Boston, the dog he finds on his front porch gives him a second chance with Lucy, but it looks like he might also steal the show…
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9 months ago

Amazing Boxset! Amazing Characters!

What I’m Looking For (Boston Classics, #1)

Amazing! Loved it!
The series is set in the 80s and is about our main characters Will and Kate. Kate works in Finance, and is trying to navigate the world and office during that time period, as well as, rise up the ranks in her job. Will is a starving theatre actor who has his own views and insecurities regarding money.

The characters were great! I especially enjoyed Will’s Shakespeare references (no pun intend - the H’s name really is Will lol). Kate was so likeable, and we got to see how she tried to balance being a successful woman in the work place (in that time period); having to be tough to handle those situations, with been able to relax in her own personal life. There so much more to say about our H & h, but this review would to far too long, so I’ll just stop there.

I also enjoyed the side characters, namely Alice and “Hot Steve”. And, a little birdie (aka, the synopsis for the Novella within this series) has informed me that they got their own book. So, I definitely cannot wait to read that book!

In conclusion, the book is well written, the pacing, great, and again, all the characters were amazing!


Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (Boston Classics, #1.5)

Great Prequel Novella for Book 2!
This was definitely great short introduction into the characters of book 2 (Forget About Me). It mainly focuses on the history of Ben and Lucy. These 2 characters have known each other since childhood and this prequel shows some of the important moments that developed their underlying feelings towards each other.

Finally, although this is a prequel for Forget About Me, it can be read before or after the book. In fact, I first read it after already reading Forget About Me. It made for a fabulous addition and bonus story to accompany Forget About Me. If read before, I can imagine it creating and building anticipation for it. Each way works great.


Forget About Me (Boston Classics, #2)

Loved this book!
I really enjoyed this series and I’m so sad my journey with it has come to an end…sobs :(… Although, there’s a new book within the series coming out next month (I cannot wait to read it!)

Forget about me is part of the Boston Classics series set in the late 80s. It follows our hero & heroine, Ben Porter and Lucy Minola. Ben is a CK underwear model and former theatre actor, whom makes a return to the theatre, after he moves back to his childhood home due to a family tragedy. Lucy works in a vet hospital and unofficially trains animals, specially dogs.

Ben and Lucy are childhood best friends turned lovers. However, they had an awkward breakup and some complications due to Ben also being best friends with Lucy’s older brother, and haven’t seen/spoke to each other for 7 years.

They reconnect when Ben unofficially adopts a stray dog who needs training by Lucy.

This book gave me everything I needed. It had sweet moments, sad moments, fun and happy moments.. just everything. I truly didn’t want it to end!

Additionally, I read/listened to the audio version of this book. No only was the narration excellent, I also loved the sound effects of the flashbacks.

All in all, I had a great time with this book. Truly enjoyed it!

Please note, this book is part of a series, but, can be read as a standalone, and, in any order (I read this book last).


11 months ago

Great deal on a terrific series

I originally read (then listened) to the books individually. Snippets from those reviews:

What I'm Looking For
This was my first book by Karen Grey and I was hooked. A fabulous mix of endearing and realistic characters, humor, a little bit of guarded hearts, and if I’m being honest I did tear up at one point. Grey brings the reader completely into 1987 in a way that the time period almost becomes a secondary character while not overwhelming the cast or story in any way. I do admit to spending quite a bit of time Googling pics of JFK Jr. who is Will’s look-a-like. Or vice versa.

Will is an actor/bartender who is trying desperately not to sell out and ends up falling for Kate the finance analyst. On paper, or in a spreadsheet, these two don’t have much in common but we get to know them separately and together and this couple definitely adds up. What I especially love about this is that while there are several steamy scenes between Will & Kate, there is also a lot of talking, dating, and fun. I couldn’t help but be invested in their HEA. This is fairly low angst, yet compelling. A fine line that Grey artfully balances.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
This is a quick and adorable novella introducing us to Ben & Lucy, a glimpse into how they met, and Grey even manages to give us several sexy and hilarious scenes. I know, ahem, things happened in vans… but not quite like that!

Lovers of the Best Friend’s Sister/Brother’s Best Friend tropes will adore this.

Forget About Me
This incorporates one of my favorite tropes: Best Friend’s Sister/Brother’s Best Friend and the added bonus of an adorable dog. What I really enjoyed here is that while it’s a cohesive addition to the series – it’s definitely a unique story. Ben & Lucy were brought together in friendship as children by Lucy’s brother, Tony and then torn apart as young lovers by his death. Forget About Me has it’s fair share of grief and growing pains to go along with it’s hilarious RomCom status. Add in the constant stream of music referenced from Lucy’s obsession with mixtapes and this is a truly delightful story. (Have your Spotify or Amazon Music app ready!)

I’ll admit, I am not a fan of flashbacks – the story regularly takes the main characters on trips down memory lane, mostly to 7 years earlier – but Grey weaves them in so well that instead of disrupting the flow they reveal bits of information and emotion at the perfect times. While there are numerous sexy scenes for Ben & Lucy, I truly enjoy romance where I get to know the characters individually and together as a couple. I want to believe that these people belong together and I’m thrilled that’s exactly what I get. In some respects, we get their love story twice – young love as new adults at 21 & 18 and again at 28 & 25 with more life experience and self-awareness.

Note: While I received advanced copies of all of her books, I loved them so much I purchased all the audiobooks as they became available. These are my honest reviews.

Anni R.

1 year ago

1980's Nostalic series at it's best - 100% recommend it!

I adore everything written by Karen Grey, so to be able to pick up a box set of her first two novels including the novella "Signed, Sealed & Delivered" which is the prequel of Lucy & Ben's story? This was the best news!

These books take you take to the nostalgic 1980's, before cellphones were stuck to everybody's ears and eyes, the time of Saturday morning cartoons and great TV commercial jingles. I grew up in that time and love to read characters and stories set there!

This is an excellent series starter set and everyone truly needs it in their lives - run out and pick it up now! This is one of the only ways you can get your hands on "Signed, Sealed & Delivered," and it's important back-story info!

What I'm Looking For
This was a fantastic book! I read "Like It's 1999" twice before this one, so I was already familiar with many of the characters, their traits and a bit of the storyline from that one. It didn't spoil anything because I didn't know exactly how everything played out, just little bits that were mentioned in "Like It's 1999."

Will is a stage actor doing Shakespeare and there are a ton of Shakespeare quotes he does throughout, as well as a bartender - which is where he meets Kate when she is out with her work colleagues one night.

The dynamic between Will and Kate is pretty great, and I also truly love how Karen chose to write this series in the 1980's so there were a lot of mentions about old technology, like relying on landlines, beepers, the first car-phone, "wouldn't it be great if we could take our phones with us everywhere?" - that sort of idea!

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
A very quick novella, but has all of the critical, back-story information you need about Lucy and Ben, and how they were friends (sibling's best friend trope), how Lucy gets into dog/animal training, and how much they actually pine for each other. They have a quick little (secret) tryst. Love it!

Forget About Me
The story of Lucy and Ben 8 years later - after Signed, Sealed & Delivered (when they are adults and run into each other again). Ben has returned to Boston from LA, when his father has a health issue and needs help. Much has changed in the last 8 years, and they have had no contact since Lucy went off to college and Ben didn't send her any letters back... Lucy got the message that he didn't want to keep in touch after their summer.

While Ben is in town, he's acting in plays at the local Shakespeare Boston theatre (he's been modeling while in LA and it got really hot!). Lucy has been a very good girl ever since, but a dog (of all things) brings her and Ben back together - but will things be the same? She lost her big brother all those years ago to a drunk driver, and she's been trying to be a model daughter, so will being friends with Ben again fit into that new lifestyle? And Ben has a secret about Tony that might just change everything... And he feels that he has to share it with Lucy. Will she ever forgive him? Can she love him after he tells her?

Go pick it up now! Available everywhere!
I received an advance copy from the author and Home Cooked Books Promotions. This is my honest feedback and reviews.


1 year ago

Heartfelt Romcom series filled with 80's nostalgia!

~ What I'm Looking For (Boston Classics, #1)
This is first book in the Boston Classics series is a fun, and heartfelt romance. Will and Kate are complete opposites and do not make sense together. Will is a charismatic, struggling actor, while Kate is a practical, financial analyst who is more comfortable with numbers than with people. Their jobs are demanding, with opposite hours, so they don't have alot of time together. They also have heartbreaking pasts that make them protect their hearts, but they still can't stay away from each other. When they get too close, and they start to focus on why they shouldn't work, will they fight for the only one who really own their heart? This was such a quirky, fun, moving, and steamy romance. I loved the nostalgia of the 80's and especially the importance of the telephone answer machine. I also loved the Shakespeare quotes that Will would recite, confusing Kate but also making us both swoon. I loved Kate's growth from mousy to going after what she wanted and believed in. Will was so sweet, charming, and romantic. I loved how they enjoyed each others differences, and worked to understand them. I really enjoyed this fun, touching, sweet and steamy romance!

~ Signed, Sealed & Delivered (Boston Classics, novella)
This is the prequel to Ben and Lucy's story in Book #2. It gives us a glimpse into how they met as kids and grew to care for each other. I loved how it spanned many years showing the joy, angst, and awkward, clumsy encounters that made them fall hard for each other, even when life had other plans for them.

~ Forget About Me (Boston Classics 2)
I really enjoyed this delightful, and touching, second chance romcom. Ben Porter has been in love with his best friends little sister for years. They had a passionate secret affair before Lucy left for college. They thought it would be easy to be apart as they experienced life. Just when they couldn't endure the time apart any longer, tragedy strikes. The guilt they both suffered was too much and Ben moved across the country hoping it would be best for everyone, but it only broke their hearts more. Now years later, Ben is home to help his ailing father. He and Lucy meet again, opening old wounds, and revealing the deep love they tried to forget. Ben wants Lucy to know he is a better man and will do whatever it takes to win her back. This delightful romcom has wonderfully rich characters, a heartwarming, and heartbreaking story, great nostalgic music, witty banter, an adorable dog named Puck, and the sizzling chemistry that made for a captivating romance that stole my heart!
Emma Wilder, and Brian Pallino were so perfectly cast to narrate this fun and heartwarming romance. They completely captured these characters and made me feel all the hope, heartbreak, love, and passion they possessed. I was completely mesmerized by their storytelling making this romance even more captivating and delightful.

Nicole O.

1 year ago

Great Series!

An excellent series with great characters. I've read and loved all three books. This centers around one of my favorite era's the 80's. I also listened to the audio and loved the voice the narrators gave to the characters. You can check out my reviews for each book it's under Nicole Ortiz on Goodreads.