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Core Kanji Catalogue for Vol. 3 (discount available those who bought catalogues for Vol. I or 2; not needed if you buy the catalogue for Vol. 4)

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These are the Core Kanji catalogue and Index sections of the book Learn to Read in Japanese, Vol. 3. This catalogue introduces 320 new kanji and includes all of the listings from the Core Kanji catalogues for Learn to Read in Japanese, Vol. 1, and Learn to Read in Japanese, Vol. 2. It is designed to be used with the Japanese Reader for Learn to Read in Japanese, Vol. 3, which is sold separately. This catalogue may also be used as a stand-alone resource for studying 1,528 kanji.

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If you are planning to purchase the Core Kanji catalogue for Volume 4, you will not need to purchase this document, since the edition for Volume 4 contains listings for 2,088 kanji, including the ones covered in this volume.

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