Japanese Audio Flashcard Lessons

Noriko Ura and Roger Lake host JapaneseAudioLessons.com, which offers 30 hours of free Japanese audio lessons.

In addition, we have written three books titled Learn to Read in Japanese, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. The books teach a total of 1,528 kanji and provide thousands of sentences for reading practice, along with same-page romaji equivalents and translations. 

We have also compiled a glossary listing virtually all of the Japanese terms found in our three books, with definitions, learning aids and synonyms. This book is titled Learn to Read in Japanese, a Glossary and is available in PDF, print and Kindle versions. The PDF version of the glossary is recommended only for students who plan to use it on a laptop or desktop computer. If you plan to use the glossary on a handheld device, such as a phone or tablet, we suggest that you purchase the Kindle version instead, due to the fact that, in our tests, searches of this rather large PDF file on handheld devices were unacceptably slow.

Please note that the material in the Kanji Catalogues is cumulative. That is, the Kanji Catalogue for Vol. 2 contains all of the material found in Vol. 1. Likewise, the Kanji Catalogue for Vol. 3 contains all of the material found in both Vol. 1 and 2. If you have purchased an earlier edition of the Catalogue and later wish to purchase a later edition, please write to us before your purchase, and we will send you a discount code for the later edition, so that you don't pay more than necessary. If you are sure that you will need all three editions, please purchase only the Kanji Catalogue for Vol. 3.

Please click on Glossary below in order to see the file for the glossary, Volume 1 to see the files for the first book, Volume 2 to see the files from the second book and Volume 3 to see the files from the third book.