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Basic Defense and Safety Fundamentals for Pool & Pocket Billiards

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Solid introduction to how to use safeties and defensive shots can win more games.

This is a training guide on how to analyze table layouts and decide the best shot for the situation (offense or defense).

Pages are jam-packed with stuff to use immediately. Lots of Ideas, Tricks, Traps, and some very practical Exercises.

Also available in Print (Amazon).

From a review: Book is awesome! Very easy to read and applies to what I would call bar room pool. It isn't written overly technical like some expert books. Rather it gives you basic fundamentals that you can put into practice while at your local bar room or pool hall to win more games and wow your buddies.

FYI - PDF can be viewed on all your smart devices (phone, tablet, computer).

You will get a PDF (2MB) file