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Advanced Cue Ball Control Self-Testing Program

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This book prepares you for serious competition, i.e., top level tournaments and money games. The book is filled with layouts with a simple purpose - pocket the 1 Ball and then the 2 Ball.

(The problem is -- the first shot isn't easy, AND THEN you must figure out how to get position on that second ball.)

(Layouts were extracted from hundreds of hours of videos from professional tournaments.)

Also available in Print (Amazon).

From a review: I found this book extremely helpful. I found them to be very challenging. Some of them are quite natural and some far from it. Just like in a game. I also like that there is not an explanation of how to do the shots. Just a table diagram and the challenge of making ball A, getting position and then making ball B. Simple. Or is it?

FYI - PDF can be viewed on all your smart devices (phone, tablet, computer).

You will get a PDF (11MB) file