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Stella LLC (Term) Dealing with a Cast Shoe Challenge on the Night Of Her Big Reception (in HD 1920X1080)

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Stella's got a problem. She had a reception in her honor she had to go to schedule to go to for months. BEFORE She got her full leg cast and her mismatched one cast shoe. Now she has to figure out what to wear with her bulky open sandal boot and her bright orange cast. She's had her five exposed cast toes painted red with a little extra big toe bling so the gawker she knows will be checking them out when she crutches in have something to look at. She decides on a blue dress to go with her blue cast she and she checks out the shoe in the mirror (closeups) and crutching across her room to get the feel of how it will look and feel. She pulls it off because it annoys her toes, so she can wiggle them. But after resting her exposed casted foot knows she needs to get used to the boot. So, she puts it back on and goes back to check herself and her cast booted foot in the mirror again. She wiggles and curls her toes in the boot to get them comfortable in it and kind of open up the space inside and sticks her hand in the open-ended front as well. But she soon pulls the mismatched boot off again so she can prop up her casted foot and rest it. She curls her toes and cleans her exposed foot sticking out of the cast with a wet wipe to be sure it she's showing off a clean bare foot at her formal reception. Then she compares her casted foot and exposed toes with her good shoe, something she knows she, and others will be doing all night. Lots of closeup wiggling casted toe action in this one from all angles with closeups and POV. We rate this one a must see.

LENGTH: 17 Mins

SIZE: 754 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 02/14/23

You will get a MP4 (754MB) file

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