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Lana LLC Camouflaged Crutching, Stairs, Closeups, Cast Talk Full Monty (HD 1280x720)

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Lana got her llc in a car accident with her step-sister. She decided to get a camouflaged cast that would match more of her outfits and blend in. Here she describes the accident and more of her experiences and how the cast feels. However, it really hasn't helped with people staring at her and asking her all kinds of questions. As she crutches around a park and hangs out, cleaning and showing off her casted toes she complains about all the questions and what its like getting around on her stiff leg. In this clip we see not only crutching and stair climbing but lots more closeup stuff as she shows off her casted toes and how far she can get her hand into the open toe part of the cast

LENGTH: 20 Mins
SIZE: 753 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/18/21

You will get a AVI (753MB) file

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